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May 05 2015

Gamis Syar'i loved by The Hijaber

Gamis Syar'i have become not only famous in the country - Middle Eastern countries, but also in Indonesia. Gamis enthusiasts in Indonesia itself has very numerous. Besides as Muslim outfit that is able to close the genitals, using gamis itself now also has become a fashion trend which is loved by many Indonesian people, especially young women and mothers. A number of designs and types gamis emerged to satisfy the needs of consumers. One sort of gamis is quite phenomenal is gamis syar'i shirt. gamis syar'i

Trend Clothing Gamis Syar'i
Trend shirt shar'ie is significantly in demand by women. The model does look like a shirt, some of them also designed with buttons and accessories / sequins like a shirt, but the a very important factor that makes this seem shar'ie shirt different from the others. Which is found on kainya material. The majority of the robe made from spandex jersey material that is commonly used as materials for the clothes gamis. Besides simple to absorb sweat, jersey fabric along with flexible and simple to use because it does not limit the area for you. gamis syar'i

The hijaber who don't like the overalls length gamis models, can do that one type of gamis. Besides trendy, in addition, it varied design options like a woman's dress. There motif plaid, floral, plain etc. As for subordinates, you can put on a skirt or pants of spandex material which includes the same color and tone with your syar'i shirt. Some stores also also sell an entire package shar'ie shirt having a subordinate (her skirt or pants). For your problem of size, generally shirt shar'ie have all size fit to L having a chest circumference of 90 to 102 cm and 139 cm length dress.

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